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£25,000 grant secures homelessness charity's future

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£25,000 grant secures homelessness charity's future


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A homelessness charity has secured a £25,000 grant to help it continue delivering its much-needed services.

The Future Ready Fund - an organisation that awards funds to assist charities to become more sustainable for the future - has pledged the cash to Birmingham YMCA.

Laurence Chilver, Birmingham YMCA social enterprise director, said: “A key element of our strategic plan for future stability is developing our social enterprises and our application for funding was based around this.

“Naturally we are over the moon to have received such a sizeable donation. In essence, the grant will be used to fund a sales and marketing officer who will be tasked with raising our profile, including that of our two day nurseries, through to promoting our plans to establish and develop a catering business, with the overall goal of helping increase our revenue streams."

Birmingham YMCA is a Christian charity working with people, especially the young, regardless of faith, race, ability or gender.

The charity is affiliated to the national and international YMCA movement, which provides advice, representation and support. However, as an independent charity with its own board of trustees, it has to generate all of its own resources.

Founded in 1849, Birmingham YMCA now provides over 200 units of supported accommodation to people who have been homeless, helping them to live independently.

Mr Chilver added: "The beneficiaries of our charitable work, who are in desperate need of our support and accommodation, will continue to receive the services provided by Birmingham YMCA but will also see the benefit from a host of additional opportunities which will be provided by the social enterprises we run.

"These include developing our training business and offering residents the chance to study for professional qualifications, apprenticeships, NVQ qualifications and life-skills courses.

“We realise we need to be less dependent on traditional funding and become more self-sufficient and we are confident that investing in our social enterprise department will help us achieve this.”


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