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Opinion: Where is the North East?

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Opinion: Where is the North East?


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By Angela Lockwood, chief executive, North Star Housing Group

As I read the Power Players Top 50 listings, I was delighted to see so many good people who I know and rate featured; its great recognition for excellent people and their organisations.

However, I cannot deny that I also had a heavy heart when I saw only one person from the North East listed – Peter Walls, who thoroughly deserves his place. How come the many other great people we have working in the region just don’t feature?

Is there a cultural issue in the region, whereby we get on with the job, do some fantastic things and simply forget to tell others what we do? Are we simply less connected to the rest of the country, or are our voices not heard or do we even try and have a voice? I suspect we suffer from all the above.

I counted eight London based CEOs in the list, and well done to all of them. I am not at all critical of their numbers, only disappointed that the NE didn’t put up a stronger 'fight'.

Do we accept it’s a matter of geography and therefore live with the consequences of being an outpost of England, and soon the UK if Scottish independence happens, or do we respond with all the passion and energy I know we have?

My heart is with the latter, as recognition is good for us all and we have to help ourselves. To quote the author Marianne Williamson:“Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer: produce yourself."

I look forward to an abundance of support for the North East in 2015.


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