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Housing association set to unveil 'solution' to UK housing crisis

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Housing association set to unveil 'solution' to UK housing crisis


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Housing association set to unveil 'solution' to UK housing crisis Housing association set to unveil 'solution' to UK housing crisis

A housing association is to unveil what it thinks might be the solution to the UK housing crisis later this month.

Twin Valley Homes has teamed up with Easybase Home Limited for a pilot scheme that will see four new 'instant' homes built in Blackburn.

The housing association's Monmouth Road site is being prepared in anticipation of the arrival of the houses and will be almost complete with fencing, driveways and lawned gardens when the houses are delivered mid-April.

The houses, made from galvanised steel and insulated both internally and externally, have a lifetime guarantee and comply with the Lifetime Homes and Secured by Design criteria.

Construction of the homes takes just a matter of weeks before they are transported from the factory in two sections. The downstairs and upstairs units - including the roof - are delivered directly to site and come complete with a fully fitted kitchens, bathrooms, double glazing, decorated throughout, energy ecient boilers and fully insulated.

The houses will be greeted at Monmouth Road by the onsite crane which will locate the lower unit into position so our team can secure into the foundations. The upstairs unit will then be placed onto the lower unit and secured into position using a brick stitching detail. Connection to the utilities follows and the houses are ready for their very first tenants.

Ian Clark, Twin Valley Homes’ Managing Director, said: “We are extremely excited to be bringing these revolutionary properties to Blackburn.

“The shortage of quality, affordable housing has been much publicised, so innovative construction methods such as these can help many more people gain access to their ideal properties.

“Despite the remarkable turnaround time for these houses, they are of extremely high quality – offering style, comfort and low utility bills. We’re expecting lots of interest from other housing associations and local authorities around the country, keen to see this unique project for themselves.”


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