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Opinion: Anything is possible - even finding housing exciting

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Opinion: Anything is possible - even finding housing exciting


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Opinion: Anything is possible - even finding housing exciting Opinion: Anything is possible - even finding housing exciting

Cec Richards, chief executive of the social network, on how #ukhousing is slowly waking up to the magical potential of social media.

This week I had my most exciting experience involving housing ever. No - don't laugh - it actually was exciting to see new blood, particularly gen y blood from the sector come to Wembley Stadium with the confidence to express to their professional peers that they want to get to grips with social - fast - and acknowledging housing isn't so much as lagging behind but losing contact with the tail-enders.

I saw a generation with great experience of the sector hand a knowledge baton over to others newer to it but with a digital lifestyle and I saw not just one Young Leader, but potentially many.

I met people from organisations who were tired of talking about innovation and wanted to be innovators and agreed the internal mechanisms that still exist regularly stifle and kill those ambitions. People and organisations that particularly excited me - I can't name them all but Halton, Raglan, Walsall HG, BCHA, Hanover, Peabody - there's an evolution (not revolution) taking place...

I saw a new generation of housing media - interested in and in tune with its audience and its audience's audience and how social housing's 'people stories' come to life in social media - try that with a few thousand bricks!

My favourite housing article (thanks Paul Taylor @Bromford) was circulated and sparked some brilliant water cooler conversations and some real examination of the questions posed by Paul.

I saw faces lighting up at the realisation that seemingly 'distant' and huge corporations, such as Wembley Stadium, are already involved and happily investing in young (social housing) people - if the engagement mechanisms are social.

Most exciting though, was watching two young people, in social housing, sharing their aspirations with housing providers, capturing their imagination and the possibilities to engage by simply telling them how social has lives and outlooks - simply by connecting.

Thanks to all those housing providers that attended, to the leaders in the room - and you know who you are already - anything is possible through collaboration - we look forward to more excitement!

Anything's possible housing - just need to believe

ps - thanks for the follows @slenkyshots

pps - @24housing is 'bringing sexy back' lol


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