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Salix Homes gets silver surfers online

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Salix Homes gets silver surfers online


Published by James Allan for Salix Homes in Housing and also in Care and Support, Communities

Betty Herring and Lilly O'Rourke learn how to get online Betty Herring and Lilly O'Rourke learn how to get online

A generation of silver surfers are well on their way to becoming tech savvy senior citizens.

Social housing provider Salix Homes is hosting basic IT training courses for older people in Salford at its sheltered housing complexes across the city.

And the silver surfer sessions have been proving a real hit with the pensioners, who are embracing the digital revolution and are eager to explore the online world.

Lily O’Rourke, 69, has been taking part in the sessions at Rialto Gardens. She said: “I had never been on a computer before, but I’m going to be 70 this year and I thought it would be a real achievement if I could learn how to do this.

 “My children and grandchildren are always trying to teach me, but I don’t want them to teach me because they’ll probably just laugh at me. I always hear them talking about software and hardware, but I didn’t know what it meant, so I’m really pleased to be taking part in this course.  I want to learn the basics and I want to learn how to email.”

During the courses, which are part of the Go-On Salford campaign, tenants have been learning basic computer skills such as how to send an email, internet browsing and getting to grips with the mouse and keyboard.

Go-On Salford is part of a national initiative to bring the benefits of digital skills, including the internet, to every individual, organisation and community.

Sue Sutton, acting chief executive at Salix Homes, said: “We are delighted to be running these silver surfer courses which are designed to give people the confidence and ability to start using computers as part of their everyday lives.

“We are now living in a digital era and it’s important that everyone, no matter how old you are, has the skills to get online. It’s wonderful to see how eager people are to take part and they are certainly proving you are never too old to learn.”

It’s hoped that once the participants become confident on the computer they will act as Digital Champions and help others to improve their skills. Salix Homes is also providing computers in the communal areas at the sheltered housing complexes to give tenants access to the online world.


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