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American hoarder evicted after building 30-year 'Middle Earth'

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American hoarder evicted after building 30-year 'Middle Earth'


Published by markthomasjones for in Housing and also in Communities

manhattan hoarder manhattan hoarder

A hoarder in Manhattan has been thrown out by his landlord after filling his apartment with junk.

Hoarder Kevin McCrary had been filling the flat with rubbish for over 30 years - to the point where he had no space left.

The 65-year-old described the state of his Upper East Side apartment as like "Middle Earth or purgatory" and conceded "it's a mess".

The flat was so full of hoarded rubbish that Mr McGrary had to enter the premises via the fire escape.

And the serial hoarder also kept a collection of junk in his van outside the building.

The unemployed tenant lost a long-running battle with his landlord and must now find a new home for himself and his vast collection of rubbish. The landlord had already made three failed attempts to remove him.

Mr McGrary said: "Given the dictionary definition, I would be called a hoarder."


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