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Carbon and fuel poverty asset management tool secures £300k -Technology Strategy Board funding

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Carbon and fuel poverty asset management tool secures £300k -Technology Strategy Board funding


Published by Andrew Eagles for Sustainable Homes in Housing and also in Communities, Environment, Health

Richard Holland Richard Holland

A carbon and fuel poverty tool has gained funding to integrate real time monitoring.  The funding, announced last week, will significantly help landlords understand the homes they manage and resident energy bills.

Carbon Reduction Options for Housing Managers (CROHM), provided by Parity Projects and Sustainable Homes, provides a summary of the costs and measures to reduce fuel poverty or meet carbon reduction targets across a housing portfolio.  The CROHM tool is to receive a dramatic boost.  Three hundred thousand pounds worth of Technology Strategy Board funding will mean real time energy  performance data will be integrated into the software.  This will enable accurate real time checks on the performance of measures which make a home more energy efficient such as insulation, boilers or renewables.  

This funding was announced as part of the Future Energy Management of Buildings competition.  Other advantages to the new tool, to be called “CROHM live” include the ability to identify residents that could benefit fr om advice on saving energy.  Tailored energy saving advice could then be provided for the people in that home.

Organisations involved in developing the tool include Energy Deck, an online energy analytics and engagement platform, Orsis, a remote metering and monitoring specialist and Oxford University. 

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director of Sustainable Homes had this to say “this is a really exciting development. Integrating real time energy performance will provide landlords with a very powerful tool to enable even more indepth monitoring and improvement of homes especially at a time when energy bills are rising and we need to reduce carbon emsisions. CROHM has analysed 230,000 homes.  Great to be taking this forward with our partners to assist more homes with even more precise analysis”.

Speaking about the project the Richard Holland, Lead Technologist, Technology Strategy Board, stated “the goal of the Future Energy Manage of Buildings to create new commercially viable ways to reduce overall energy consumption in existing buildings through improved energy management systems.  We are delighted to fund the CROHM Real Time project.  Tools like this have the potential to reduce carbon emissions and significantly improve the energy management of millions of homes”.


Notes to Editors:

Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes has provided award winning training and advice on how to retrofit or build homes sustainably since 1997.  Their training centres on energy efficiency and easy tools for reducing fuel poverty.  They also provide secretarial services to the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow, the award-winning best practice group with over one million homes under membership.

Parity Projects

Parity Projects is an award-winning provider of environmental and energy solutions to the residential building sector. We help our customers identify the most effective ways to reduce the energy impact of their existing properties. The backbone of our work is the use of computer modelling (CROHM and Home Energy Masterplan) to identify the most appropriate measures for properties based on cost estimates and building physics. Parity also provides services such as training and building monitoring.

For more information about Sustainable Homes please contact:

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director, Sustainable Homes                 0208 973 0420

For more information about Parity Projects please contact:

David Shewan, Technical Director, Parity Projects                0208 874 6433


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