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Drug dealer fails to prosper after being evicted for serious ASB incidents

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Drug dealer fails to prosper after being evicted for serious ASB incidents


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Government to 'help halt court actions' on home repossessions Government to 'help halt court actions' on home repossessions

A convicted drug dealer has been evicted from his social housing home after a bout of serious anti-social behaviour.

Sovereign Housing Association had Christopher Prosper removed from his home on Beancroft Road in Thatcham earlier this month, after he pleaded guilty to possessing and supplying class A drugs.

Prosper regularly disturbed his neighbours with loud music, shouting and screaming at unsocial hours.

A regular visitor to his home, fellow offender Rebecca Nicholls, who was responsible for much of the ASB, has been served with an injunction with power of arrest, banning her from visiting Beancroft Road.

“This is the best possible outcome for the residents of Beancroft Road. Despite our efforts to work with Mr Prosper to reduce the impact of his activities on neighbours, the situation got worse and we were left with no alternative but to seek possession of the property,” explained Rebecca Horne, Sovereign’s ASB adviser.

“At Sovereign, we have a strong commitment to building strong, safe neighbourhoods where people want to live and we would like to thank the residents of Beancroft Road for their patience and bravery in helping us to achieve this outcome,” she added.

Sovereign first received complaints about noise nuisance coming from Prosper’s property in January 2012. This racket continued throughout the year, and the association’s housing staff worked with the tenant to resolve the problem.

After a tenancy caution was served in July 2012, the situation improved considerably and the case was closed.

However, in March 2013 the noise problems reared once more, with sidekick Nicholls causing serious problems for other residents.

Around the same time, an open rubbish bag containing used needles and other drugs paraphernalia, identified as having come from Prosper’s property, was found by neighbourhood wardens outside the flats. 

It then came to Sovereign’s attention that Prosper had been charged with three drugs offences, committed at the property in 2012: supplying cocaine, and possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin.

In a separate criminal case, he was charged with possession of a Class C drug found at the property.

Sovereign, which manages 37,500 homes, served a notice seeking possession on Prosper in May 2013, but the reports of ASB continued.

These included complaints about visitors coming to the property in the early hours of the morning and making a lot of noise.

In August 2013 Sovereign was informed that Prosper had pleaded guilty to the drugs offences, and it initiated possession proceedings at Reading County Court.

Sovereign started proceedings against Nicholls in November 2013, after threatening another resident in the block of flats.

An injunction banning her from coming to the flats and into Beancroft Road was granted, but she continued to visit the flats and make a disturbance.

She was arrested in January for breaching the injunction, and the judge ordered that if she breached the order again she would go to prison. She has not been seen at the flats since.


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