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Charity exposes scale of 'revenge evictions' in private sector

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Charity exposes scale of 'revenge evictions' in private sector


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Tenant’s fury after eviction notice is addressed to dead aunt Tenant’s fury after eviction notice is addressed to dead aunt

Up to 200,000 people in England's private rented sector faced eviction last year after complaining to their landlord about the conditions in their home, according to new data from housing charity Shelter.

The study reveals that so-called 'revenge evictions' were widespread across the country, citing examples such as:

  • A family in Norfolk who were handed an eviction notice three weeks after reporting damp and mould to their landlord.
  • A couple in Brighton who complained that the mould and damp in their home was affecting their health, and were served an eviction notice just a week later.
  • A family from Lancashire who were evicted after complaining about a leaking roof – their landlord told them it ‘wasn’t worth his while’ to fix the problem.

And the charity's report also found that many PRS tenants were too scared of eviction to complain at all: 8% said they’d avoided asking their landlord to repair a problem or improve conditions in the last year in case they were evicted.

The study found that bad conditions were widespread. More than 40% of renters had problems with mould in the past year; 25% have lived with a leaking roof or windows; and 16% had electrical hazards in their home.

With the government considering changing the law to tackle 'revenge evictions', Shelter is urging people to speak up now.

Campbell Robb, Shelter’s chief executive, said: "No-one should lose their home for asking their landlord to fix a problem, yet these shocking findings uncover the true scale of unfair evictions taking place across the country.

"We’re calling on people across the country to sign our petition and send the government a message that England’s nine million renters deserve better, now."


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