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ALMO introduces two-tier rent regime to encourage responsible behaviour

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ALMO introduces two-tier rent regime to encourage responsible behaviour


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Local Government

ALMO introduces two-tier rent regime to encourage responsible behaviour ALMO introduces two-tier rent regime to encourage responsible behaviour

Council tenants in Nottingham are to be rewarded for 'responsible behaviour' with a lower annual rent increase than those who fail to comply.

Almost 70% of tenants who responded to the consultation by Nottingham City Homes backed the scheme, which will introduce a rent rise of 4.68% (£5.11 a week) for well behaved tenants and a 7.5% increase for irresponsible ones.

Good behaviour will also be rewarded with a £100 credit at Chrstimas.

The ALMO, which manages and maintains the city's 27,500 council homes, defined 'responsible tenants' as those who look after their home or garden; pay their rent on time or stick to agreed arrangements to pay rent arrears and do not commit crime or anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhood.

More than 3,200 people responded to the consultation, with 68% agreeing with the option to introduce a reward scheme. The remaining tenants were in favour of an option to bring in a rent increase of 5.58% for all tenants.

Councillor Dave Liversidge, Nottingham City Council's Executive Councillor for Commissioning and Voluntary Sector, said: "We're very pleased that tenants have shown such strong support for this new scheme.

"We want to encourage and reward responsible tenants and reduce the time and resources we have to spend on the minority who don't act in a responsible way.

"This new approach to rents means we will also be able to continue to invest in our tenants' homes to keep them secure, modern and energy efficient."

Over the next five years, Nottingham City Homes and the city council will be investing £240 million in areas tenants have said are their priority areas.

These include:

  • making homes more secure by fitting more than 31,000 new secure, composite doors
  • replacing 4,500 old inefficient boilers, upgrading heating systems and insulating more than 7,000 solid wall properties to make them warmer - helping households save an average of £200 a year on their fuel bills
  • fitting more than 3,600 new kitchens and bathrooms to modernise homes
  • replacing more than 1,000 windows and carrying out roofing works on nearly 6,000 homes
  • providing local jobs and training opportunities for local people through the work.

These improvements are on top of the programme to build almost 400 new council homes in Nottingham, the biggest investment in a generation.


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