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PRS tenants happier with homes than those in social housing

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PRS tenants happier with homes than those in social housing


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Tenants in the private rented sector are more satisfied with their homes than those living in social housing, new data has revealed.

The annual English Housing Survey has shown that 83% of tenants in the PRS are satisfied with their accommodation compared to 81% in the social sector. The survey also found improvements in the standard of PRS housing, together with rents falling in real terms.

The survey shows that between 2006 and 2012, the proportion of PRS homes classed as non-decent reduced from 47% to 33%.

Between 2008/09 and 2012/13, rents in the social sector increased on average by 25.3%, whilst in the PRS rents increased by 6.5%, representing a fall in real terms.

Last year the PRS overtook the social sector in size, accounting for 18% of English households compared to 17% in the social sector.

Alan Ward, chairman of the Residential Landlords Association, said: “Today’s findings demonstrate significant progress in the sector. Standards are up, rents are falling in real terms and the sector is now the only housing tenure growing.

“Whilst it is pleasing that tenants are so satisfied with their homes there is more still to be done. This includes radical reforms to the way the sector is regulated to ensure local authorities properly target and prosecute criminal landlords rather than swamping the vast majority of good landlords with ever more costly red tape.”


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