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Grandmother’s precious photos returned by kindly housing operative

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Grandmother’s precious photos returned by kindly housing operative


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A grateful grandmother has been reunited with a lifetime of memories thanks to a thoughtful housing operative.

Kathleen Baker had lived in her social home in Gloucestershire for 14 years but just before Christmas the 92-year-old had to move out and into a nursing home due to ill health.

When Merlin Housing Society’s Mark Brady visited the property to get it ready for the next tenant to move in, he found a number of photo albums filled with family snapshots which had slipped behind a cupboard.

Realising the sentimental importance of the photos, Mr Brady started knocking on neighbour’s doors to find out where Mrs Baker had moved to.

Finally locating her, he drove straight to the care home to return them, only stopping on the way to buy some flowers and chocolates for her as well.

Mrs Baker was overjoyed to be reunited with the photo albums.

“I was over the moon and loved the chocolates and flowers,” she said. “Getting the photos of my family back means more than anything to me and it was so nice for Mark to come and bring them back to me. Thank you very much for returning these to me. I’m so glad I was thought of and that tenant’s feelings are considered.”

Mr Baker said: “As soon as I saw these photos I knew they would be precious to the owner or family. I was so happy to have been able to return someone’s history to someone who had lived in one of our properties for many years.  A bit of care in our community should be first and foremost and it goes a long way.” 


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