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Top Five Tips for Saving on your Heating Bills

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Top Five Tips for Saving on your Heating Bills


Published by rtownsend for Sanctuary Housing Association in Housing and also in Communities

Sanctuary Maintenance Gas Operative Sanctuary Maintenance Gas Operative

In support of Big Energy Saving Week 2014 Sanctuary Maintenance, a national property maintenance company, have pulled together the top five tips for keeping your home warm throughout the winter months, whilst cutting heating costs.

Big Energy Saving week runs from the 27th-31st of January and is a national campaign that encourages companies to build local awareness of the ways we can be more energy efficient, as well as give home owners easier access to information and tips on how they can keep their properties warmer for less.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average home wastes approximately £280 a year because they are not being energy efficient.

By following these simple tips from Rob Daine, Sanctuary Maintenance’s Gas Manager for the North, you can save on the energy you use for your boiler and heating around the home.

1)    Cavity wall insulation. – Many properties built after the 1930’s may have a cavity wall, meaning there is a gap between the inner and outer wall of the home. Cavity wall insulation fills this gap keeping your property warmer. There are several schemes to help cover the costs of cavity wall insulation including a funding scheme known as ECO, from the six big energy suppliers.

2)    Radflek Reflectors. – Hidden behind your radiator, Radflek reflects 95% of the heat from the back of your radiator out into the room. This reduces the amount of energy required to heat the room and consequently the amount of money spent on heating bills.  

3)    Seal windows and doors to prevent drafts. – If you notice a draft coming in through your windows or doors seal them up. While only small, any extra draft may cause you to turn your heating up. On top of this check all your windows are double glazed, if your windows are misty it may be that your double glazing is not working effectively.

4)    Keep your heating low. – When nipping out of the house drop the temperature to 16 degrees. This is sufficient to keep the damp and chill out with out wasting energy.  

5)    Schedule annual boiler checks. – Having regular boiler checks by a gas safe registered engineer can save you from expensive repairs further down the line as well as keeping your home and family safe from gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.  

And remember put a jumper on before you put your heating on!


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