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Stab family evicted after 10-year reign of terror

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Stab family evicted after 10-year reign of terror


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Woman evicted after blaming poltergeist for party noises Woman evicted after blaming poltergeist for party noises

A mother and her two sons have been evicted from their social housing property after a 10-year reign of terror culminated in the stabbing of a neighbour.

Rachel Rowe of Tellis Cross, East Coker and her sons Daniel, 21, and Robert, 19, have spent a decade threatening and scaring their neighbours, and making them too frightened to come forward and give evidence against them.

Somerset-based landlord Yarlington Housing Group was finally able to bring an end to years of terror for residents as they secured the eviction order. Hearing the case at Weston Super Mare County Court, the judge said it was the worst case of anti-social behaviour he had seen in his career.

He said: “Mrs Rowe did not show a shred of remorse for her actions. She has quite simply allowed her two sons to run wild. The residents at East Coker, near Yeovil are at the end of their tether and would lose all confidence in their landlord if I did not make this judgement today.”

One witness said: “I, amongst others, have come to the end of my tether. I ask that something is done about this family. We are begging for your help and assistance in this matter. For the last 10 years, this community has been torn apart by violence, foul language, verbal abuse and intimidation.”

Strong action was finally taken when neighbour Paul Chambers was stabbed in the chest.

On hearing shouting and swearing outside following a brick being thrown through their window, Mrs Chambers went downstairs to find her husband stabbed and wounded, and being kicked in the ribs by Daniel Rowe.

She saw his body "go lifeless" and thought he had been left for dead.

She said: “I honestly thought he was dead. Pure panic and fear flooded my body and I screamed and screamed for help.

“As our daughter called the police, Robert Rowe put his face through the broken door window and was shouting and swearing at us. I could see the pure hatred, evil and anger in his eyes as he was shouting’ I’m going to kill you’."

By working with Yarlington’s Rachel Napper and Emma Pippard the residents were finally confident enough to speak out about the tirade of terror and violence that they were no longer willing to tolerate.

In court, a witness praised the attention and actions of the two officers: “Rachel and Emma were fantastic and I can’t recommend Yarlington enough as a landlord in how they dealt with this matter. Rachel supported us every step of the way and constantly reassured us. If it hadn’t of been for her, we would not have felt brave enough giving evidence in court.”

The horror family have not only lost their home but have received an injunction banning them from returning to the neighbourhood for three years.

“We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour of any kind” said Rachel. “We always take action to get it stopped, and if that leads to an eviction then that’s what we will do. I want to thank the residents for being brave enough to give evidence against this family. Without them we could not have achieved this result.”


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