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UK's biggest passive house development begins

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UK's biggest passive house development begins


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passive house passive house

Work has begun on the UK’s largest development of passive houses -virtually air tight homes which can lower energy bills and cut carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Sustainable property developer Citu will deliver 107 of the homes at a site in Sheffield -  Little Kelham.

Passive homes minimise air leakage so that any heat created within the property is not lost because of poor insulation.

The homes use the latest in insulation technology, triple-glazed windows, balanced energy recovery ventilation and are heated mostly using ‘passive’ energy from electrical equipment, body heat and solar gains.

The principles of passive houses system began in Germany in the late 1980s, where they are known as 'Passivhaus'.

Only 15-20,000 passive houses have been built across the globe.

The scheme's first homes will be ready for occupation this summer. Prices will range from £115,000 to £280,000.

Chris Thompson, managing director and founder of Citu, said: “Passivhaus is recognised as the worldwide standard for energy efficient building, so it makes perfect sense for us to offer this at Little Kelham. Why wouldn’t you build something which could help people save money in the long run?

“As a developer it is important for us look at ways in which our homes, can help those living in them lead a more sustainable lifestyle, offering them a greater choice and providing a bigger push for energy efficient homes.

“With government goals to reduce carbon emissions by 2016 and buildings accounting for 48% of the world’s carbon emissions, demand for homes which are far more efficient and actually conserve rather than waste energy, will only increase.

“At Little Kelham, our energy efficient houses will go further offering people more than just a home, as we hope to transform the site from a property development into a community through its design and co-operative principles.


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