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Amazing Ideas for your Old Windows

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Amazing Ideas for your Old Windows


Published by D Brown for Brett Janes in Housing

Window Window

When replacing your windows, you are more than likely looking forward to getting them out of your house and at the rubbish tip. However, this could be a huge shame, as there’s a growing trend emerging where throwing your old windows away would be a big mistake.

Many artists, designers and those home owners who are into crafting have been up-cycling old windows into unique and bespoke decorations, or even useful home items. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ideas to show you what’s possible and to get your creative juices flowing, which we can guarantee will make you ask your new window supplier, such as,  to hold on to your old ones!

Old windows as cabinets

If your windows are the older style that are quite thin with an open ‘door’, you can easily attach them to your walls (or position them on other pieces of furniture if you prefer) and use them as cabinets to display some of your favourite thin items. This therefore becomes an instantly stylish way of displaying items without taking too much space width wise.

Using your old windows as a top for a coffee table

Why not turn your window on the side and use it as the top of a coffee table? You can easily add wooden legs, or even one single aluminium leg in the centre for a more unique, modern look. If your windows are like the ones mentioned above and still are fully functioning, you could even use it to store things in your coffee table!

Old window frames as new photo frames

Frame your beautiful, precious family photos in your beautiful, antique style old window frames. They make the perfect, shabby chic and individual place to showcase your photos, and would make a fantastic gift for loved ones, too.

Framing a piece of artwork with old window frames

If you like the idea of framing something with your window frames, why restrict it to photos? Choose a lovely print you love, or even a beautiful piece of material to frame to create a unique piece of artwork to add life to any wall space. We love Cath Kidston’s range of material, and you could also opt for lace if you fancy something with a more antique feel.

Old window frames to hang things from

You can really easily transform your old window frames into the perfect wall hanger. Choose some lovely wall hooks and attach them to the frames and hang your jewellery or any other bits and bobs you fancy, not only for practical reasons but to also make a lovely wall decoration.

Using an old window as a memo board

Attach a piece of material to your old windows to create your very own homemade memo board. Our favourite materials include slate for your own blackboard. Also, cork would look great but if you’re not a fan of the look, you could cover it with material and it would still work just as well.


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