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Magenta Living wins injunction to stop the pigeons

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Magenta Living wins injunction to stop the pigeons


Published by katiejones for Magenta Living in Housing and also in Communities

Magenta Living has won an Injunction to stop a 79 year old tenant who persistently left large amounts of food on the ground in the gardens of the flats where he lived and in nearby roads. 

Large numbers of pigeons congregated on the roofs of the flats, causing a nuisance in terms of the mess they created. Tenants on the top floor of the flats were also disturbed by the noise of the pigeons landing on and taking off from the roof. There was also a risk of rodents and vermin being attracted to the food on the ground. 

Magenta Living went to great efforts to convince the man to stop feeding the birds in this manner but he ignored both reasonable requests and formal warnings. 

Magenta Living provided a bird feeder and asked the man place small amounts of food in elevated trays. He refused to do this and carried on putting food on the ground. 

Magenta Living sought an Injunction which the court granted and which says the man can only place food inside elevated trays on a bird feeder and must not place food on the ground in the gardens or the vicinity of the flats. As well as granting the Injunction the Courts awarded Magenta Living over £1000 in legal costs.

 Magenta Living’s Tenancy Enforcement Manager Clare Moore said: ”If tenants want to feed birds then please use a bird feeder that is designed for this purpose. Small elevated trays are great as it means only smaller bird species can access the food and vermin will not be attracted.” 

In a separate case, Magenta Living obtained an Injunction in respect of a 38-year-old woman who failed to maintain the gardens at her property to a satisfactory standard. She also failed to allow Magenta Living access to complete inspections of her property. 

The Injunction states the gardens must be brought to a clean and reasonable condition within a six week period and then maintained for as long as the woman is a tenant. 

The Injunction also states that the woman must allow Magenta Living or its agent’s access to the property if a request is made giving at least 48 hours notice. 

Magenta Living’s Tenancy Enforcement Manager Clare Moore said: “We did not go straight for an Injunction but allowed ample time for the garden issue to be addressed. We made many appointments to complete inspections which were not kept by the tenant before we sought the assistance of the Court.”


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