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HouseMark Scotland and Wheatley Group team up to develop new ways of improving business performance

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HouseMark Scotland and Wheatley Group team up to develop new ways of improving business performance


Published by HouseMark for HouseMark Ltd in Housing

HouseMark Scotland and Wheatley Group, Scotland’s largest housing and care group have teamed up to look at new ways of improving business performance in the housing sector in a three-year strategic agreement.

Wheatley and HouseMark Scotland, a leading provider of data and business intelligence services, have signed a three-year strategic agreement which will provide Wheatley with new opportunities to share and learn from best practice with leading private and ‘third-sector’ sector companies benchmark itself with peers across the UK make better use of available - but largely untapped - data to improve services and operate more effectively.

It is hoped the learning from the partnership with Wheatley can be used to support the wider housing sector throughout the UK, including helping social landlords make better use of information to improve performance and develop services.

Wheatley Group is currently made up of a number of social landlords - Glasgow Housing Association, Cube Housing Association and West Lothian Housing Partnership - and two commercial subsidiaries. Loretto Housing and Loretto Care are also joining the Group.

Martin Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Wheatley Group, sees the strategic partnership as the next part of the organisation’s journey to excellence.
He said: "We wanted a strategic approach to using all the data we hold already and all the information we know is out there that could help us do more, and better, for our customers.

"The growth of HouseMark Scotland offers us that wider opportunity. I’m sure it will be a big part of our overall approach to business improvement and I’m pleased that HouseMark have been able to design a programme to meet our specific needs."

One of the key strands of the strategic partnership will be Wheatley’s involvement in a Scottish ‘Business Connect’ programme where senior staff from social housing organisations will visit different successful businesses to learn more about innovation and commercial practice.

The programme, which follows the success of a similar project in England last year, will allow housing staff to share their own expertise while staying true to their social values.

Wheatley will also work with HouseMark on a ‘Big Data’ project which will look at how a vast range of untapped information currently held by, or accessible to, organisations can be better used and managed to improve business effectiveness.

The project will lead the way in determining how social landlords can use such data for their benefit.

Kirsty Wells, HouseMark’s Scotland Manager, said: "I am delighted to be signing this three year agreement with Wheatley Group. The Wheatley team is at the forefront of innovation in the social housing sector in Scotland, with initiatives like GHA’s staff empowerment programme ‘Think Yes’ and their Community Improvement Partnership (CIP) with the police and fire services which is tackling anti-social behaviour."

HouseMark shares this ethos of finding new ways to maximise business performance and value for money within the sector and this agreement demonstrates our commitment to work with Wheatley Group and the sector more widely in Scotland.
"We are the leading sector organisation providing data and business intelligence services to our members across the UK. Our growing membership in Scotland demonstrates that increasingly social landlords here are realising the need to understand how to improve their performance and deliver value for money to their tenants and service users."



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