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Air to Water Total Solutions for all applications and sizes!

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Air to Water Total Solutions for all applications and sizes!


Published by Space Air for Space Air Solutions in Housing

Total Solutions Total Solutions

Space Air has the experience and resources to provide ‘complete’ Daikin Altherma heat pump systems including all necessary components and controls to reduce your installation time and costs!

Space Air Solutions Ltd is an MCS Accredited company supplying MCS Accredited Daikin Heat Pumps*

Daikin Altherma Range - designed to meet your needs!



A two part system - an outdoor heat pump and an indoor “hydro-box” unit with refrigerant connection, for heating, and optional DHW storage cylinder.

Low Temperature / Integrated / High Temperature


Uses the same components as a split system but housed all in one outside unit with direct water connections to the central heating circuit.


Uses a cascade system to reach higher temperatures. 1 outdoor can connect to 10 individually controlled indoor units. Flex is ideal for multi tenant/apartment buildings.

Total Solutions

Daikin VRV Total Solutions is an air to air and air to water heat pump system combination offering an innovative total - heating, cooling and hot water solution.


Solar Connectors

The above systems can all be connected to an existing or Daikin’s own solar thermal system by use of the solar connection kit.

Space Air Accessories

Space Air designs and manufactures unique accessories to fully optimise Daikin Altherma systems, providing a ‘complete’ solution.

Heat Emitters

All the above ranges can connect to under floor heating, radiators, towel rails, fan convector units and domestic hot water cylinders or thermal storage tanks.

Every Space Air supplied Daikin Altherma System comes complete to ensure each system is a replica of the next, satisfies current regulations and ensuring the highest quality standards.

For further information please call 01483 252 252 or email alternatively visit

* For details of MCS range contact Space Air


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