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ALMOs churning out more new homes than thought

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ALMOs churning out more new homes than thought


Published by Max Salsbury for in Housing and also in Development

Home Group to build 4,000 homes in four years after signing HCA contract Home Group to build 4,000 homes in four years after signing HCA contract

The most comprehensive survey ever undertaken of England's ALMOs has found that the organisations are building more new homes and delivering more non-housing services than previously thought.

Across England, ALMOs (arm’s length management organisations) have built 450 new homes in 2013 - with 39 plans to build more new homes in 2014.

The survey, carried out by the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), found that more than a third of ALMOs are delivering services to non-domestic properties, such as schools and local authority buildings.

England's 47 AMLOs manage 650,000 council homes between them.

The study discovered that 16 ALMOs (34%) are managing homes on behalf of other social housing landlords, and nearly half are delivering services to the private rented sector, with a further 12 (26%) considering work in the PRS next year.

The survey also examined the governance arrangements and found that ALMOs are increasingly entering into more long-term management agreements, with 22 having agreements extending past 2019.

NFA managing director Eamon McGoldrick said: “This survey came about as an attempt to understand more about our members and to give an accurate snapshot of the ALMO sector in 2013. We knew ALMOs were moving into the private rented sector, building new homes and providing non-housing functions such care and support services; however we were surprised at the breadth of activities that ALMOs are involved with.

“This demonstrates the continuing good health and flexibility of ALMOs, not just as a vehicle for housing management but for wider community regeneration. When considered alongside the large number of long-term management agreements being agreed with Local Authorities, it is clear that ALMOs have a bright future.”


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