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Over three quarters of London's social tenants are in work

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Over three quarters of London's social tenants are in work


Published by Max Salsbury for in Housing and also in Communities

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The majority of London's social housing tenants are in work, new research has revealed.

The Real London Lives project found that 79% of those living in housing association homes in the capital work and contribute to society, but that many of them are struggling to make ends meet.

Created by the g15, a group of London's biggest social landlords, in conjunction with a three-year research study by the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York, the project discovered:

• Only 21% of London's tenants are unemployed
• Low incomes mean 60% of households require housing benefit to pay all or part of the rent
• 25% of households find keeping up with bills a constant struggle. This rises to 43% for those who have seen their housing benefit cut since April 2013

Brendan Sarsfield, chair of the g15, said: “We’ve started this project because there is so much debate in housing that’s not based in fact.

“We house one in 10 Londoners. Our residents - our customers - are bus drivers, they work in the NHS, they work for the local council. They are just ordinary people trying to get on with their lives, look after their families and contribute to their communities. We want to get their stories out there so that the future housing debate is informed by fact and not fiction.”

The findings are based on analysis of more than 1,640 in-depth interviews.

Dr Julie Rugg, of the Centre for Housing Policy, said: “This research is a great opportunity to find out how people are really getting by in this period of austerity. Being able to follow people over three years will give us a much better understanding of impact these changing times have on people’s lives than any single snapshot survey.”


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