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Social landlords to form alliance with police

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Social landlords to form alliance with police


Published by Max Salsbury for in Housing

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Social landlords from across Greater Manchester are to sign a new pledge that will lead to them working more closely with the police.

The agreement will see landlords from the 10 councils within the area sharing information and resources with the police to help develop a more strategic approach to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. It will also detail how the sector will work with the police to develop business plans and use shared intelligence to deliver effective and efficient services to the public.

The 'Crime Concordat' will be the first signed declaration of its kind to cover an entire UK city region.

As part of the alliance, Greater Manchester Police will share its annual policing plan with the social housing providers, helping landlords shape their own business plans to best support the policing priorities.

Jon Lord, chief executive of Bolton at Home, will sign the agreement on behalf of the other social housing CEOs. He said: "This agreement will support divisional police teams and social landlords to decide what approaches work best for them at a local level. It will encourage closer collaboration to address domestic violence, hate crime and anti-social behaviour, combining police powers and landlords’ civil court powers such as tenancy injunctions and evictions for breaches of tenancy agreements.

"We expect more best practice to be shared across family intervention services and diversionary activities for young people. It will also strengthen our ‘safer by design’ approach to new build, which puts security and crime prevention measures right at the heart of the construction process."

Assistant chief constable Garry Shewan said: “This agreement lays the foundation for a stronger working relationship between the police and social housing sector across Greater Manchester. It will mean that the resources, energy and talent within the partnership can be used effectively to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour within our communities, protect vulnerable people and provide greater support for victims of crime.”


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