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Longhurst Group Brings Renewable Heat to Homes

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Longhurst Group Brings Renewable Heat to Homes


Published by keeley for Longhurst Group in Housing and also in Environment

Leading housing provider Longhurst Group has been awarded £27,000 to improve the sustainability of their homes. The Group’s member companies, L&H Homes and Spire Homes, applied for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment in order to bring more efficient, environmentally friendly heating systems to some of their residents. Homes in Skegness and Wellingborough that currently rely on electric storage heaters will receive cutting-edge air to water heat pumps that could help reduce their electricity consumption significantly.

Longhurst Group’s environmental officer, Guy Holwell, explained the benefit of replacing the old systems: “Although the science behind how a heat pump works appears technical, they are in fact a simple and proven technology. Put simply, the pumps draw ambient heat from the outside air to heat the radiators in your home. They can provide heat even when the temperature outside is as low as -15° C. On average the pumps can produce double, sometimes triple, the amount of energy that they use meaning that you can achieve a warm home using a lot less electricity. Learning how to use the heat pumps efficiently will help residents keep their energy costs down and their homes warm”.

The Group’s bids were deemed to offer good value for money by the Energy Saving Trust and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, yet it was the social benefit that motivated the applications. “With the cost of energy rising even further and huge numbers of people now living in fuel poverty, we’re looking for new and innovative ways to help our residents heat their homes for less. The new heating systems should help push down energy bills so people don’t have to sacrifice other aspects of their lives just so they can live in a warm home,” commented Darren Kendall property services Asset Manager at L&H Homes.


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