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Eviction for tenant who defied dog injunction

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Eviction for tenant who defied dog injunction


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Dangerous Dog Dangerous Dog

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A Swindon woman has been evicted from her social home after breaching an injunction that forbade her from keeping dogs at the property.

Lisa Boote, 28, of Daisy Close, Pembroke Park had been subject to the injunction order since December 2012.

Sovereign Housing Association took Boote to court after neighbours complained about her dogs incessant howling and barking and the excessive amount of faeces the animals left in the rear garden and inside the property.

Neighbours had also been badly affected by domestic disturbances, loud music and excessive noise from visitors at unsocial hours.

Boote was ordered to remove the dogs from her home and forbade her from committing any anti-social behaviour.

However, she and her boyfriend, Dennis Ainsley, immediately breached the conditions by allowing the dogs to return to the property within days of the order coming in force.

She also continued to engage in anti-social behaviour.
Sovereign was forced to seek possession of Boote’s property, and this was granted by Swindon County Court in April.

“This was a difficult and complex case and Sovereign made every attempt to help Miss Boote remain in her home,” said Louise Borzoni, Sovereign’s ASB officer.

she added: “We worked with other specialist agencies for several months to offer Miss Boote assistance, but unfortunately she refused to heed the warnings that she may lose her home if her behaviour continued and if she failed to take responsibility for her dogs’ behaviour.

“We want our communities to feel safe and have trust in Sovereign to tackle anti-social behaviour in a timely and effective way."

Sovereign manages more than 36,000 homes in the south and south west of England.


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