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Bedroom tax victims send Lord Freud 'stormy weather' postcard

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Bedroom tax victims send Lord Freud 'stormy weather' postcard


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Central Government, Universal Credit

Freud WDH Freud WDH

Lord Freud has been presented with a postcard from social housing tenants affected by the government's benefit changes - predicting stormy clouds.

The welfare reform minister was given the card during a meeting with Wakefield and District Housing’s (WDH) chief executive, Kevin Dodd, at the social landlord's head office.

Freud met with the CEO to discuss the impact of the Direct Payments Demonstration Project, Universal Credit and the bedroom tax.

The bedroom tax has seen around 5,300 WDH tenants have £14 a week slashed from their housing benefit.

The tenants' postcard message read: "Dear Lord Freud, weather here up north been inclement with stormy clouds on the horizon.

"Building on sand looks shaky with the onset of high tide threatening to wash away the foundation.

"Lots of confused people, especially vulnerable, wandering around; not sure what choices to make, rock or hard place.

"Outlook could be brighter, this depends on future weather forecaster!"

Following the meeting, Mr Dodd (pictured, with Freud) said: “The government’s welfare reforms are having a major impact on the lives of our tenants. This meeting was an important opportunity for us to provide the government with a better understanding of what these changes mean for local people.

“I hope our discussions with Lord Freud will help to shape and influence the government’s final welfare reform policies for the better of people living across the district.”

Lord Freud said: "Universal Credit will ensure that work pays and direct rent payments will help people move more smoothly into employment, but we are making sure claimants have the right help to make the change.

"The work here at Wakefield and across all six demonstration projects is vital in helping us to set the right levels of support for social tenants as they move onto Universal Credit."


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