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Tenants produce designated persons guide

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Tenants produce designated persons guide

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The National Tenant Organisations are today launching their “Resolving Complaints Locally” guide aimed at “designated persons” –  tenant panels, councillors and MPs.  The cross-sector guide supports the introduction of new provisions in the Localism Act 2011 which gives new powers to locally elected representatives and tenant panels to play a bigger role helping tenants to resolve more complaints at the local level. 


Communities Minister, Don Foster said, 'Localism is all about handing more power back to local people. That's why we are making it easier for local people to resolve complaints locally when things go wrong.


Too often, complaints by social tenants about their landlords' services can take months before they are resolved. With the help of this excellent cross-sector guide, locally elected representatives and tenant panels now have the tools to work together to make a real difference on behalf of their communities by acting quickly and effectively to sort out problems at the local level'.


Project partner and TPAS Chief Executive Michelle Reid said “Resolving Complaints Locally is aimed at all designated persons.  It is about helping tenants, councillors and MPs work together with landlords to get tenant complaints sorted out as quickly as possibly whilst at the same time building up local knowledge and capacity to ensure effective housing services.”


Project organiser and CCH Chair Nic Bliss said “Resolving Complaints Locally comes hot on the heels of the National Tenant Organisations “Options for Accountability” guide on tenant panels, and all of this is aimed at helping tenants to work with their landlords and other local people to get the best possible services.  We look forward to seeing how tenants will develop their designated tenant panels.”




News release issued on behalf of CCH, NFTMO, TPAS & TAROE by TPAS




Notes to Editors:


1.) “ From 1 April, the Localism Act 2011 introduces new arrangements (“designated persons”) for dealing with complaints by social tenants against their landlords.  The project has been funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.  It will be available at 
The website also includes a list of  Frequently Asked Questions on designated persons, as well as a summary document aimed at councillors and MPs and a flyer for tenant panels.
2.) Established in 1997, TAROE is the national umbrella organisation for tenant and residents organisations across England.  TAROE exists to promote and develop the economic, social, environmental and cultural interests of all tenants, and is recognised as a national tenant representative body by Government.  TAROE provides a range of training and support services to tenants. 
3.) The CCH is the national representative body for co-operative and tenant controlled housing.  The CCH has promoted tenant control since 1994, working in partnership with Government, the UK co-operative movement, and other bodies.  With its long standing presence in the housing association sector, the CCH promotes the interests of its tenants who wish to be involved in decision-making.
4.) The NFTMOs represents the tenant management sector, having been in existence since 1992.  The NFTMOs has worked closely with various Government and other bodies to promote and support tenant management organisations, being recognised by Government as a Guide Neighbourhood facilitator, and working to promote good practice.
5.)TPAS is the national tenant involvement organisation. We’re unique in that our membership is made up of local tenants and their landlords. We represent 1900 tenant and residents groups and 230 landlords. Our mission is to promote effective tenant involvement and empowerment. Being champions of co-regulation, we believe in enabling housing practitioners and tenants to work together to improve their communities. TPAS are at the forefront of joining up government policy with front-line service delivery and grassroots tenant groups.
6.)TAROE, CCH & NFTMO have been working in partnership with each other as the three national tenant representative organisations since 2007 – TPAS joined the partnership in 2009, and all four organisations are committed to working in partnership as the four national tenant organisations to deliver change and empowerment for tenants.


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