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Eviction for street fighting drug grower who wielded a hammer

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Eviction for street fighting drug grower who wielded a hammer


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Cannabis leaf Cannabis leaf

A cannabis growing tenant has been evicted from her social home after a raft of criminal behaviour, including wielding a hammer in the street outside her house.

Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) was granted a possession order to remove Louisa Carberry after she fashioned an "image of fear".

The 33-year-old regularly fought and argued outside her rented home in Herbath Close, Walton, and left other tenants too afraid to testify against her for fear of reprisals.

And residents became too scared to even look out of their windows as a constant trail of drug runners and prostitutes visited Carberry's house day and night.

In January 2012, Carberry was charged with drug offences after Merseyside Police discovered 24 cannabis plants growing in her home.

The menacing tenant would regularly use taxis but not pay the fare, leading to drivers banging on her door as they tried to get the money they were owed.

After taxi companies stopped sending cars, she would order them to her neighbours' addresses which led to innocent residents being blacklisted and unable to book.

It was after she was sent to jail for breaching a suspended 12-month prison sentence that LMH began proceedings to repossess her home.

LMH and Merseyside Police officers provided evidence in court and were supported by county ward Councillor, Gerard Woodhouse.

They explained how they encouraged Carberry to attend Liverpool Intervention and support services but she failed to engage meaningfully.

LMH's CEO, Steve Coffey, said: "Carberry’s behaviour had a dramatic effect on decent, law-abiding residents’ lives, causing some to be physically ill with fear.

"They became so worried by the type of people visiting her house, the fighting and the noise, that they were too afraid to even look out of their windows and became prisoners in their own homes.

"We are delighted to have received the possession order and it is an excellent example of partnership working with Cllr Gerard Woodhouse and Merseyside Police."

Cllr Gerard Woodhouse said: "LMH managed an extremely difficult and sensitive case very well and after trying everything in its powers to help the tenant, was forced to evict her.

“This case shows that criminal and antisocial behaviour - regardless of how threatening and intimidating - will not be tolerated in Liverpool and perpetrators will not get away with it."

County ward Neighbourhood Inspector Clare Jenkins added: "Anti-social behaviour and drugs blight peoples' lives and will not be tolerated by Merseyside Police.

"The eviction notice should serve as a warning to others that the police, our partners, and the communities we serve will not put up with this type of behaviour and we will always use every bit of legislation available to us to tackle the problem."


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