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Council gets £1million for new boilers

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Council gets £1million for new boilers


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Portsmouth City Council has been awarded £1,000,044 to replace boilers in its council homes and make other energy efficiency changes.

The council will replace 532 boilers in its homes across the city as well as changing light bulbs for low-energy LED lights and increasing insulation levels in properties that need it.

The new boilers are 91.2% efficient condensing units.

It is has been estimated that the changes will see households save £300 per year.

On top of the improvements, home energy advisors will offer simple advice on heating controls and changes they can make advice to reduce their energy bills further.

After three months, and again after a year, the council will arrange follow-up checks with residents to make sure they are saving money on their bills, and if they are not for any reason, will work to help them make the most of their new energy-efficient kit and save money.

The work is being carried out by housing's gas contractor, Liberty.

The money is a share of £46million from the Government to help reduce fuel poverty, boost energy efficiency, and encourage collective switching and purchasing in regions across the country.

Portsmouth was awarded the money under the 'tackling fuel poverty' category, which is especially for residents who are hard-to-reach and/or at a greater risk of 'fuel poverty' - where a larger than average proportion of their income goes to towards heating and lighting their home.

Louise Ellison, Green Neighbours project manager, said: "We're very pleased we were successful in getting a share of this money, and that we can help a lot of residents. So far, we have replaced 59 boilers, so the work is happening quickly.

"The important aspect of this project is not just replacing kit, but making sure we're doing all we can to help residents save the most money they can, as well as reducing the overall carbon impact of our homes."


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