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Double Savings for Kier Stoke

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Double Savings for Kier Stoke


Published by CarysSamuel for Kier Services in Housing and also in Local Government

A Kier Stoke employee tests out the new scooter A Kier Stoke employee tests out the new scooter

Kier Stoke is furthering its commitment to the city through introducing a scooter to its fleet. Not only does the scooter have lower CO2 emissions than a standard van, it also allows operatives to repair additional, previously unreported issues within residents’ homes through the efficient delivery of extra parts.


The scooter contributes to Kier Stoke’s ongoing commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its business as it emits less air borne pollution and helps relieve traffic congestion. A scooter offers good fuel efficiency compared with vans and cars. A simple move such as swapping from four wheels to two wheels can help reduce carbon emissions by as much as 50%[1] as the smaller the engine capacity, the better the fuel efficiency.


This innovative scheme will increase Kier Stoke’s repair response rates and allow multi skilling as operatives can order extra parts quickly and efficiently rather than having to return to the Kier Stoke depot or rearranging a second visit. For example, if an electrician is repairing a light fitting and the resident has a broken window handle, they will call for a window handle to be delivered and can expect it in 20 minutes.


Kier logistics manager, Mark McGill, said: “Reducing our carbon footprint is essential for the future of our business. The addition of a scooter will help in our carbon management and assist in making a positive contribution to our local environment. Scooters are small and efficient, further increasing the effectiveness of our service.”


If this pilot scheme is a success, Kier plans to introduce a similar scheme across other regions, including London where scooters are more widely used.

[1] Defra 2009 Guidelines


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