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Chop-Cloc joins national sustainability benchmarking group

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Chop-Cloc joins national sustainability benchmarking group


Published by Andrew Eagles for Sustainable Homes in Housing and also in Communities, Environment

CHOP-CLOC Ltd., a new energy efficiency solution provider for heating controls, is proud to become the latest corporate partner of the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT).

The only initiative to provide a comprehensive environmental benchmark for affordable housing providers the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) was developed with the support of  the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), WWF, the Mayor of London and UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

CHOP-CLOC Ltd. uses a new low cost energy saving device that reduces energy demand and fuel bills.  Nationwide trials in real homes were conducted on the Chop-Cloc device and analysed by SISTech (Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology). Results are that houses installed with a Chop-Cloc device typically used 16% less energy for space heating than they had the year before. The trial, which included privately owned households and social housing, found that installing Chop-Clocs delivered a CO2 saving of about half a tonne a year for a typical home.

Garry Felgate, Policy and External Affairs Director of CHOP-CLOC said: “People need easy to use, easy to understand, affordable and effective ways of reducing their energy demand.  With the energy price rising and concern over bills we believe this technology couldn’t be available at a better time.  We are very excited to be joining SHIFT and working with leading housing providers to get to lower carbon and a more sustainable future.”

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director of Sustainable Homes welcomed the partnership, saying: “We are very pleased to welcome CHOP-CLOC to SHIFT.  Higher fuel bills are making it harder for a great number of residents to stay warm. More needs to be done to help residents save on their bills and keep warm. Great to have the support of CHOP- CLOC to assist landlords to go further.”

SHIFT is the comprehensive environmental benchmark administrated by Sustainable Homes. In addition to CHOP-CLOC, corporate partners include CombiSmart, Diamond Build, H+H, Inside Housing, Mears, RockWool®, SolarTech and VPhase. Members are accredited on a scale of Bronze to Platinum. SHIFT was launched in 2008 and has grown in popularity since then to now and has over 50 organisations involved.

SHIFT is recognised by the Homes and Communities Agency as a useful tool to reduce environmental impacts and to improve “place-making”. The Chartered Institute of Housing also recognises SHIFT as an environmental accreditation scheme. 



CHOP-CLOC, a Scottish energy efficiency start-up, is a device which typically pays for itself in under a year.  The Chop-Cloc can significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to keep a home at a comfortable temperature.  The product is ideal for people who want to reduce their fuel bills.

Thermostatic control means central heating is often on for longer periods than necessary to keep homes warm.  Chop-Cloc works by regulating heat through time instead of air temperature, a patented and unique idea.  This cuts down the amount of energy needed to keep homes at a comfortable temperature.


The SHIFT Index was established with the support of the Homes and Communities Agency, Tenant Services Authority, UK Green Building Council, WWF UK and the Greater London Authority. Sustainable Homes acts as the secretariat for SHIFT Index and is the leading provider of sustainable housing training and consultancy in the UK.

For more information about SHIFT please contact:

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director, Sustainable Homes                 020 8973 0420

For further information on CHOP-CLOC, please contact:

Garry Felgate, Policy and External Affairs Director, Chop-Cloc                                  01259 740002


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