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Spectrum takes on Extra Homes in Dorset

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Spectrum takes on Extra Homes in Dorset


Published by Tina for Spectrum Housing Group in Housing

More than 700 homes across Dorset have been transferred to Spectrum Housing Group in a move that will give residents a more local and responsive service. The houses are in areas including Bournemouth, Poole and parts of North and West Dorset. The homes have been transferred from Knightstone Housing Association.

The deal is part of a transfer of homes between the two housing companies with Spectrum transferring a similar number of properties to Knightstone in the Bath, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Somerset areas.

Spectrum already has a significant presence in Dorset: it has local offices (including head office in Christchurch) and also owns over 8,000 homes across the county, with plans to develop more.

Stuart Davies, Neighbourhood Services Director of Spectrum Housing Group said: “Spectrum has a great deal of expertise in stock transfers and we have successfully carried out similar transfers in North Devon and Cornwall, over the last couple of years,”

“We believe this move will result in enhanced levels of customer service. Given the number of homes we have in this area and the fact we have a well-established presence here, we can deliver a quicker and more cost-effective service to our new residents.

“Furthermore, residents can feel part of a larger community, get involved and have a say about the services they receive.”

The transfer of these homes follows a formal six-week consultation, during which residents received information about how the transfer would affect them and had the opportunity to attend face-to-face events where they could discuss their concerns.

Nick Horne, Chief Executive of Knightstone Housing Association added: “This swap is part of a package of bold changes that will transform what we do, how we do it and where we do it. It’s another important step towards achieving our ‘Take on the Future’ transformation, which includes concentrating our services across nine local authorities in Somerset and the West of England, to deliver more efficient local services to our residents. “

“We’re very pleased to have completed this second stock swap in our plan, with both negotiations and the transfer having gone smoothly. We share a passion with Spectrum for providing excellent customer service and we’ve assured affected residents that this will continue.”

“Our second stock swap this year takes our total number of homes swapped to nearly 3,000 (having swapped over 1,400 homes with Sovereign in January). We look forward to swapping a further 1,000 homes with Spectrum in the New Year, resulting in even more of our customers receiving local services.”

In May, Spectrum published its corporate plan in which it outlined its key strategic areas. The plan details how Spectrum aims to meet its efficiency and value targets, and its goal of delivering quality services to customers and neighbourhoods in the context of government cutbacks and changes to housing policy.


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