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London’s Mr Housing: An interview with Richard Blakeway

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London’s Mr Housing: An interview with Richard Blakeway


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Richard Blakeway Richard Blakeway

Just for the record, Richard Blakeway was “probably misquoted” on poodles but “definitely not misquoted” on chickens. In a wide ranging interview, London’s deputy mayor for housing, land and property looks back on a lively four years before outlining his hopes for the capital during Boris’ second coming. Brian Church asks the questions.

Richard Blakeway still mildly disputes that in 2009 he claimed 46 percent of social tenants on estates “love their dog more than their neighbour”.

The comment triggered angry reactions outside the Labrador community but now, with 2013 approaching, Blakeway is now focusing his outrage on the continued lack of protection for children compared to the welfare of chickens.

“I tell you, the chicken one, I think it is a scandal that there are more space standards for chickens than there are for children,” he says at his cooped up office in City Hall.

Does he buy free-range eggs? “I do. I don’t buy free-range children but I do buy free-range eggs or free-range badgers.” To be fair, Blakeway is responding to my flippant request to include a topical reference to badger culls. It’s clear from the get-go that the playful Blakeway enjoys verbal jousting, just like his boss Boris who lives only two office doors away at City Hall.

Read the full feature from the December edition of 24housing magazine here.


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