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Landlord’s Code 6 homes costing 41p a month to heat

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Landlord’s Code 6 homes costing 41p a month to heat


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Landlord’s Code 6 homes cost 41p a month to heat Landlord’s Code 6 homes cost 41p a month to heat

A housing association has built homes to level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) which are costing as little as 41p a month to heat.

Radian’s Stoneham Green development was the first ever in Southampton to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 and one of the first nationally to include technologies that specifically support residents to change how they use energy.

Now the landlord, which manages around 18,000 homes in the south of England, has revealed that families are paying as little as 41 pence to heat the homes.

The properties have the highest levels of insulation and air tightness, Mechanical Heat and Ventilation systems to ensure that the temperature throughout the house is regulated, photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and solar panels to feed the communal biomass boiler. However, Radian, says it is the advanced Building Energy Management System (BEMS) interactive energy dashboard that has had most effect on one of the family’s behaviour and is cutting their energy usage.

The touchscreen dashboard can monitor and organise energy output, plot proposed savings, find the bus timetable and even contact Radian directly. The system has been developed to support and encourage residents to become more aware of their energy usage.

Resident Ali Lomax – who lives in one of the three-bedroom, three-storey homes with his wife and four children – said: “I have a problem; because I can see what we are spending on screen, I’ve become a bit of a scrooge and am always telling the girls to turn off lights.”

On top of the 41p monthly heating bill last month, the family paid £2.95 for the hot water they used via the communal biomass boiler and an electricity bill of just £25. This results come out at a yearly saving of £500 when compared to what the family used to pay for heat and electricity in their old two-bedroomed flat.


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