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Quick-build 'flat-pack' homes to spring up in London borough

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Quick-build 'flat-pack' homes to spring up in London borough


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Flat pack Flat pack

Hammersmith and Fulham Council is to unleash 12 new quick-build 'flat-pack' homes on the borough.

The homes, which are tipped to be the blueprint for modern house construction in London, consist of pre-made factory-built panels that are winched into position in a matter of days.

The council has chosen the Spring Vale Estate in Brook Green as the pilot site for the 12 homes, with further sites identified for up to a 100 extra buildings.

Such a home already exists in the borough - Rational House, a three-bedroomed home on Biscay Road, Hammersmith, took 11 days to erect last year.

Once built, the rooms in the homes can be altered in size, allowing for changing family structures and other demands.

As well as being one of the quickest methods of building homes, the fact that most of the construction work is done off site lessens the impact on the community in terms of the noise, dust and traffic that is entailed in a normal development.

Cllr Andrew Johnson, cabinet member for housing, said: "This is an innovative way to provide quality homes, fit for modern living at affordable costs. Hammersmith & Fulham is one of the most densely populated boroughs in the country but there is a distinct lack of housing for the middle market. This scheme will lead to the construction of exemplary family homes that can also fit into tight urban spaces and is perfect for a congested city like London.

"This council is committed to creating a borough of housing opportunity, where decent, hard-working local residents can fulfil their housing dreams and purchase a property for a reasonable price. If other local authorities were to follow our lead and build homes like this on their own land it would have a significant impact London’s housing crisis and could help thousands of people into home ownership."


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