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East North East Homes Leeds SWAPS paper for e-benefits

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East North East Homes Leeds SWAPS paper for e-benefits


Published by H Seddon for East North East Homes Leeds in Housing

Adam Standerline, Assistant Quantity Surveyor for East North East Homes Leeds. Adam Standerline, Assistant Quantity Surveyor for East North East Homes Leeds.

Working with Leeds City Council and Barclaycard, the Leeds housing provider East North East Homes Leeds (ENEHL) has developed a unique Subcontractor Work Allocation Payments System (SWAPS).  It’s an innovative system that benefits ENEHL and its partners in speeding up the process of orders and payments.

Subcontractor payments with paper invoicing was causing undue cost and delay and since using the new system ENEHL have made a 20% saving on void works within six weeks.

The system works 2-fold, the first component is the use of data which holds details of all subcontractors making sure the right job is going to the right contractor.  The second is the sole use of just one p-card (purchase card) being used for all transactions.  This ensures ENEHL are controlling their spend.  It also speeds up the process of payment, reducing the time it takes from 28 days to just 4 days.

It’s not only the organisation that benefits, commercially our sub-contractors know that we are allocating work in a fair and transparent way.  Allocation of work is based purely on price and performance.  From an operational point of view the p-card reduces the need for paper invoices and gives faster payment times to our contractors Using ‘Push Payments’ a new method of processing purchasing card transactions, ENEHL check each transaction before authorising it for payment by the purchasing card.  This ensures that all charges are approved before payment is made to the supplier, providing complete control over the payment amounts being made.

Adam Standerline, Assistant Quantity Surveyor has played a key part in developing the system.  Adam joined ENEHL on an apprentice work placement before securing a full time position with ENEHL.  Adam is responsible for validating the work undertaken by subcontractors, he says … ‘Our old system involved a long paper trail that resulted in orders going astray and people not being paid on time. The new system provides clear benefits; smarter working, less paper and more efficient processing. What’s more we remain in complete control of the work and payment process ensuring we get best value for money.’

Tony Butler, Director of Technical Services says … ‘Purchasing work through our sub-contractors using the p-card helps drive down the transaction cost of making a purchase, reduces the number of paper invoices and thereby delivers better value for money.  By using only one p-card we have a complete picture of who is spending what, where and when, and our sub-contractors are given peace of mind in knowing that they’ll be paid in just 4 days for the work they’ve done.’

Iain Currie, Head of Public Sector for Barclaycard Global Commercial Payments says …  We’re very proud to be the chosen partner providing payment solutions based upon Barclaycards’ Purchasing Card platform.  This exciting and innovative project with East North East Homes Leeds and Leeds City Council is driving significant savings to their budget whilst ensuring regulatory requirements are fully met.


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