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Spire’s new film shows society’s ‘Invisibles’

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Spire’s new film shows society’s ‘Invisibles’


Published by Ceri Jackson for Longhurst Group in Housing and also in Central Government, Communities, Local Government

Spire Homes have created a hard-hitting film, ‘The Invisibles’ - outlining the key housing issues, including homelessness and the growing shortage of homes. Chris Hobson, East Midlands Lead Manager for the National Housing Federation introduces the film and the issues it highlights, just as the Federation’s Home Truths* campaign launches today (21st November).

The film, ‘The Invisibles’, is being used to show key stakeholders and decision-makers about the chronic shortage of homes across rural England, and the thousands of people with housing issues, such as homelessness, or living in unsuitable accommodation.

The film will also be a valuable tool in the induction and training of staff, giving them a real insight about some of the issues they will deal with on a day-to-day basis and the challenges that lie ahead. 

Lynn Stubbs, Director of Business Service for Spire Homes, said “At Spire Homes, we wanted a way to highlight the growing concerns we have for the housing crisis, our tenants and homelessness - especially with the imminent welfare reform and benefit changes planned by the Government. The film focuses on 3 of our tenants who we have helped through difficult times in their lives. And it will be great to show stakeholders so they understand the seriousness of the current housing crisis.” 

Chris Hobson said, “We’re simply not building enough homes for people in the East Midlands. This means hard working people are really struggling to keep up with the high costs of renting or buying a home, and Northamptonshire and Rutland are no exception.” 

The film focuses on a number of people Spire Homes has helped, telling their stories and how struggles in life made them feel, as well as their reactions to having their lives turned around with the help from Spire Homes. 

You can view the promo here:

Any enquiries about using the film, please contact Mel Grant on 07920 453722/01205 319652.

* The Home Truths is the analysis and forecast of England’s housing market (


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