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Landlord is consulting residents about changing estate services

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Landlord is consulting residents about changing estate services


Published by Holly.Smith@Guinness for Guinness South in Housing and also in Communities

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Housing association, Guinness South, is talking to its London and southern residents about changing from what were once traditional estate-based caretaking services, to a more flexible, responsive and mobile operation.

With a clear focus on providing value for money with their service charges, whilst improving the efficiency and consistency of their estate cleaning and landscaping services, the landlord is looking to bring more services in-house and provide flexible and responsive task teams that can move methodically between Guinness South estates, leaving a trail of cleanliness and order in their wake.

Andy Mackay, Asset Management Director, is heading up the project.  “We’ve contacted over 7000 residents directly in order to ascertain their views on what they see as the priority for estate services, quality or cost, and whether they would like to see us adopt local estate service standards,” explained Andy.

“Some of the residents from our older London-based estates may be used to having a dedicated member of staff based on their estate but this isn’t a service that we can provide consistently to all our estates and homes; it’s just not cost-effective.  So we’re looking to provide as good a service, but in a different way.”

“In the run up to the Welfare Reform changes, we’re looking to do everything we can to reduce residents’ bills whilst still maintaining a satisfactory level of service, although not everyone will see a reduction.  The feedback we’ve got back from residents through this consultation has mainly been supportive of the changes, with many residents offering to get involved in the project.”

Guinness South plans to implement the changes to mobile delivery of estate services from April next year.


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