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Live internet-TV housing debate to air today

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Live internet-TV housing debate to air today


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Live internet-TV housing debate to air today Live internet-TV housing debate to air today

A live internet-TV debate on changes in the private rented sector will air today at 3.30pm.

Those interested can email their questions for the panel to answer.

The panel includes property editor Julian Knight (pictured), Sean Hooker from mydeposits, Robert Bolwell from Dutton Gregory Solicitors and Kevin Allen from The National Private Tenant's Organisation.

A press release for the show says:

"As more and more young people are priced out of the property market, the private rental sector is booming. But as renting increasingly becomes the norm for more people, how do landlords adapt to the changing needs of tenants?

As campaigners for tenant rights call for '5 year tenancies', tenants are not just looking for houses to rent anymore - they are looking for homes to rent. But have landlords adapted to this shift in mind-set? And as the tenant/ landlord relationship becomes more long term, have tenants become more demanding as a result and can landlords keep up? Has the 'rogue' landlord been squeezed out? Or has the term always been applicable to very few landlords, giving the majority a bad name?

Coupled with the rise in the 'accidental landlord', landlords who inherited a property perhaps or couldn't sell so resorted to letting their property out, the private rental market is experiencing considerable developments as a result.

What needs to happen to re-balance the situation? Are landlords too complacent, relying on short term tenancy agreement and unprepared for long term tenancy agreements? What are the cost implications of being a bad landlord? And are landlords prepared for when generation rent really kicks in?”


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