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Son’s behaviour costs his mother her home

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Son’s behaviour costs his mother her home


Published by lpriest for Progress Housing Group in Housing and also in Communities

A mother has been evicted from her home after her son’s behaviour caused misery for local residents.

Ms Parkinson has been evicted from her New Progress Housing Association property in Wade Hall, Leyland, for failure to stop her son, Stuart Gabbott, from causing anti-social behaviour whilst living in her home.

At Blackpool County Court, Deputy District Judge James, found Ms Parkinson’s lack of control over her son’s behaviour and her breach of the tenancy agreement with New Progress Housing Association, reason enough to order the procession of the property back to the landlord within 43 days.

Stuart Gabbott, 18, was subsequently issued with an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) at Preston County Court, barring him from entering the Wade Hall estate for two years.

New Progress Housing Association obtained the injunction against Gabbott after he was found distributing non-prescription drugs, causing damage to public property and harassing a local shopkeeper.

On sentencing Gabbott was also ordered to pay New Progress Housing Association’s court costs amounting to £1,126.

Gary Melia, Deputy Managing Director for New Progress Housing Association, said:  “The action taken against Ms Parkinson and her son, Stuart Gabbott, highlights our strong commitment to dealing with people who harass and intimidate our communities. Even if you do not partake in anti-social behaviour yourself, supporting those who do is of equal detriment to our neighbourhoods.

“I hope this action will encourage others who may be suffering from anti-social behaviour to come forward, report problems to us and access the help and support we can provide them with.”

Inspector Steve Evans of the South Ribble Neighbourhood Policing Team, commented: “This case clearly demonstrates that New Progress Housing Association and South Ribble Neighbourhood Policing Team, will work together to ensure our communities are protected from the perpetrators of anti social behaviour. This sort of behaviour puts an absolute blight on the lives of families and we will be robust in our endeavours to tackle it in a partnership driven way; others who seek to act in this manner should take note.”

The Injunction, which lasts until 24 October 2014, sets out several conditions aimed at curbing the anti-social behaviour of Gabbott. It forbids Gabbott from:

  • entering the Wade Hall estate inLeyland
  • causing nuisance, alarm or distress to any person
  • using violence or encouraging others to use violence or threats of violence
  • causing damage to any property owned by New Progress Housing Association

New Progress Housing Association staff are working with theLeylandneighbourhood policing team to distribute leaflets to residents on the Wade Hall estate informing them of the actions taken against Stuart Gabbott.

If Gabbott enters the Wade Hall estate he can be arrested and sent to prison for breaching his Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction. Residents are encouraged to phone the Police on 101 or New Progress Housing Association on 01772 450600 if they see Gabbott on the Wade Hall estate or hear of any anti-social behaviour taking place in their area.

For further information on New Progress Housing Association visit:


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