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HA disputes union's claims of staff pay cuts

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HA disputes union's claims of staff pay cuts


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HA disputes union's claims of staff pay cuts HA disputes union's claims of staff pay cuts

One Housing Group (OHG) has disputed a union's claims that it is trying to get staff to take a pay cut at the same time that its CEO has been given a £26,000 rise.

Unite the Union says that OHG's support staff have rejected a 35% pay cut whilst its CEO, Mick Sweeney (pictured), has seen his salary of £150,000 swelled to £176,000, plus £11,000 in pension contributions.

However, OHG said that it did not "recognise the figures quoted for Mick Sweeney’s salary".

Concerning the ongoing pay negotiations with support staff, the housing association said: "Following an exhaustive consultation process over the last six months, OHG’s consultation with trade unions about the arrangements for introducing a new pay structure for front line care and support staff is due to conclude this week. The result of a consultative ballot has been received from Unison but is yet to be received from Unite. Once both ballot results are received OHG will consider them, reach a final decision and advise staff of the arrangements and what it means for them.

"We are have been dismayed by Unite’s approach to the consultation process. Unite have failed to follow the rules of engagement and disclosed confidential information to the press before the process concluded. This has made the negotiation process very difficult for all involved. We struggle to understand why Unite has decided to attack OHG, the very organisation that has invested considerable sums in new supported housing and is continuing to offer job security and pay the highest wages in the care and support sector."

Unite Regional Officer for Housing, Nicky Marcus, said: "The utterly shameful picture painted by these figures requires no further comment other than to say that unless One steps back entirely from their plan to slash workers' wages, industrial action will be an inevitability."

Unite later pointed to One Housing's financial statements for the year ending 31 March 2012, which states that Mr Sweeny's salary arrangements are as they originally claimed. 


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