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Low Temperature heating system has received Ecolabel certification

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Low Temperature heating system has received Ecolabel certification


Published by Jennifer Stanbridge for Space Air Solutions in Housing

Ecolabel Ecolabel

The LT (Low Temperature) system has been awarded the European Ecolabel, known as the ‘Flower’, proving that the latest Daikin Altherma system is highly energy efficient, reducing the environmental and global warming impact more than any other heat pump product in it’s class.

What is the Ecolabel? The Ecolabel bearing the ‘flower’ logo, helps people identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. There is a certain criteria, which aims to limit the environmental impact from manufacture, operation through to end of life of electrically driven heat pumps. The criteria also aims to improve the efficiency of heating and/or heating, cooling of buildings, reduce the environmental impact of heating and/or heating/cooling buildings, ensure that proper information on the heat pump and its efficient operation is provided to the customer and the installer of the system. Other Ecolabel requirements consist of training - Daikin Europe N.V. and Space Air ensure that suitable training is available and undertaken by installers, documentation - Daikin Europe N.V. and Space Air provide comprehensive manuals for installation, maintenance & operation and spare parts availability - Daikin spare parts remain available through Space Air for 10 years after model line discontinued.

What can Space Air do for you? Space Air has been a Daikin distributor for over 30 years and has developed an extensive knowledge of the manufacturer’s equipment and component parts. Space Air has a state-of-the-art computer-aided spares bank, which ensures accurate parts selection and can hold over 5,000 genuine Daikin spare parts, all of which are located at the push of a button. Space Air can also access a global database to help track down obsolete or rare parts for older system’s, if that is required.   

If you would like further information on the Ecolabel please visit; For more information on the Daikin Altherma range please contact us on 01483 252 252. Alternatively please visit our website;



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