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SE Controls solves corridor overheating in multi-storey buildings

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SE Controls solves corridor overheating in multi-storey buildings


Published by Helena Preston for SE Controls in Housing and also in Education, Environment, Health, Local Government

Hot Corridors Hot Corridors

An effective solution to overheated corridors and communal spaces in multi-storey residential buildings has been developed by SE Controls, which exploits the versatility and performance of the company’s smoke ventilation systems, allowing the controlled ventilation of hot air to maintain comfort for residents.


With the increasing focus on energy efficiency, the use of centralised boilers and distributed heating are common solutions in many multi-storey buildings for both new build and refurbishment projects. While routing hot water pipe work through corridors provides a simple method of distribution to feed individual apartments, it can make the corridors uncomfortably hot for residents as well as service and maintenance teams working within the building.


To combat this issue, SE Controls has designed a solution, which allows its smoke ventilation systems to also operate as a precisely controlled passive or mechanically assisted natural ventilation system to help maintain comfortable temperatures and energy efficiency.


By using sensors to monitor the temperature on each floor, the smoke ventilation system’s control panels automatically manage the proportional opening of end of corridor vents, smoke shaft doors and roof vents, which allows the controlled venting of hot air to cool the corridors.


SE Controls’ combined smoke ventilation and natural ventilation solution not only enables the integrity of the fire safety system to be maintained, but also provides an effective answer to corridor overheating, which has already been proven on a number of new build and refurbishment projects.


Kevin Deane, SE Controls’ Maintenance and Supply Commercial Manager, explained: “As most multi-storey buildings with more than three floors require smoke ventilation to aid escape, our systems exploit the automatic ventilation capabilities to control the cumulative thermal gain. In new build projects, we’re finding that consulting engineers, architects and developers are well aware of this issue and are incorporating this solution into building designs.”



He added: “However, one of the main advantages of the system is that it can be retro-fitted to existing smoke ventilation installations. This also enables residential managing agents to address concerns from residents and service teams over high corridor temperatures, which can often reach 30OC, by providing an effective automatically managed solution.”


SE Controls specialises in the design, project management and installation of advanced smoke ventilation and natural ventilation solutions to meet the needs of architects, contractors, building services engineers and facilities managers worldwide. Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling +44 (0) 1543 443060.



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