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Mears' Morrison acquisition: jobs safe for now

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Mears' Morrison acquisition: jobs safe for now


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Mears' Morrison acquisition: jobs safe for now Mears' Morrison acquisition: jobs safe for now

Mears' executive director has said that the company's buy out of Morrison will not lead to any immediate job losses.

CEO Alan Long told 24dash that the situation regarding any potential redundancies would not be known for "many months".

Morrison currently employs over 2,500 people and delivers services to social housing clients such as Manchester City Council, Home Group, Leeds City Council, North Lanarkshire Council and Lambeth Living.

The £24 million deal will see two of the country's biggest repairs and maintenance firms come together.

Mr Long said that Mears' immediate plans included having conversations with Morrison's clients and to "address any problems if there are any" but that it is "absolutely not looking at repricing any contracts".

Mears will be looking to keep the Morrison's brand on a client-to-client basis.

Mr Long said: "There will be no fundamental shift in strategy. We have been looking at the present social housing contracts and we haven't had any negative feedback from anyone.

"I think it's great for both businesses."


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