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Injunction bans teenager from his mother’s street

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Injunction bans teenager from his mother’s street


Published by Riverside for Riverside in Housing and also in Communities


A teenager who blighted the lives of his mother’s neighbours has been banned from entering part of Rock Ferry after being served with an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction.


Ryan Kenny, 18, faces being arrested if he breaches the order which bars him from entering Kirkfield Grove. The injunction, which lasts two years, also prevents him from causing a nuisance or using or threatening to use violence against anybody living in Kirkfield Grove.


Mr Kenny’s mother’s social landlord Riverside applied for the order, which was granted at Birkenhead Magistrate’s Court, after persistent complains of anti-social behaviour.

The complaints included loud music and parties, alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour, foul, abusive language and intimidating and aggressive behaviour.


Several residents who were too frightened to come forward initially, gave hearsay statements which led to Riverside’s success in court. 


Riverside’s Divisional Director Neil Townsend said: “The injunction is a great result for the residents of Kirkfield Grove who have been long suffering victims of anti-social behaviour.


“We work closely with Merseyside Police to stamp out anti-social behaviour but we can’t do it without the help of the community.


“If you are the victim of anti-social behaviour, please don’t suffer in silence. We will take direct action against people who bring fear into the heart of our communities.”


If you are the victim of or witness to anti-social behaviour call Riverside on 0845 111 0000.


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