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Dalai Lama helps to raise thousands of pounds for homeless people

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Dalai Lama helps to raise thousands of pounds for homeless people


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Dalai Lama helps to raise thousands of pounds for homeless people Dalai Lama helps to raise thousands of pounds for homeless people

The Dalai Lama is helping to raise thousands of pounds for homeless people across the world as the cover star of more than 40 street papers - including the Big Issue in the UK.

The 76-year-old Buddhist leader has given an exclusive interview and photo shoot to the International Network of Street Papers, which empowers homeless vendors who buy magazines at half price and sell them on the streets at the cover price.

In the interview the Dalai Lama recognises the role of a free press and states that “independent media are extremely important” in today’s society. He also indentified with homeless people saying: "“On some level, I am also homeless.”

Commenting on the global financial crisis and austerity measures affecting innocent citizens, he says: “The real causes of the present difficulties started with the past governments and some companies. I think, without a proper plan in place, they are simply concerned about immediate profit and are not concerned about the long-term consequences.

"The results now are due to their own actions. Either way, for thousands of people, their livelihood is almost zero, which is really very, very sad.”

He also expresses his concerns about a lack of moral ethics, particularly among the youth, following last year’s UK riots: “When I first heard that through the BBC, I was shocked. I considered people in the UK to be more mature and more peaceful.”

Regarding censorship by totalitarian regimes, including China, he says: “The 1.3 billion Chinese people have every right to know the reality. And once they know the reality of their situation, they also have the ability to judge what is right and what is wrong. That is why censorship is immoral.”

INSP’s news agency distributed the story to its 122 street papers in 10 languages. The story will reach over one million readers worldwide.

INSP Editor Danielle Batist said: “To have an exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama in is an extraordinary achievement for INSP and our street papers. The setting, a Scottish castle outside Inverness, was great for the photo shoot as well.

"The fact that our 12,000 vendors will directly benefit from this interview really helped us to secure it, and we are immensely grateful to His Holiness for his support.”

“He talked very openly about many issues, including the global recession, media censorship in China, climate change and homelessness.

"As a bonus, he posed for some special cover photos and even agreed to some rare shots of himself without his glasses on. I urge readers around the world to go and buy a copy from their local street paper vendor today.”


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