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Recofloor reveals new record for vinyl flooring recycling

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Recofloor reveals new record for vinyl flooring recycling


Published by Kathy Wilkinson for Recofloor in Housing and also in Central Government, Communities, Environment, Local Government

Recofloor scheme co-ordiator Matthew Charlton presents the tonnages Recofloor scheme co-ordiator Matthew Charlton presents the tonnages

Recofloor continues to break waste vinyl flooring recycling records with 447 tonnes collected in 2011. This figure is evenly split between smooth offcuts (34%), safety offcuts (33%) and smooth uplifted vinyl (33%) and is well over double the 189 tonnes recovered in 2010.

Founded by leading flooring manufacturers Altro and Polyflor as the UK’s first joint industry-led take-back initiative, Recofloor has now grown to 437 members across the supply chain, from waste transfer stations to flooring contractors and distributors. Nine drop-off sites and 192 new flooring contractors came on board during 2011.

Ease of use and increased awareness, along with regulatory and legislative drivers are all factors that have contributed to Recofloor’s tremendous success, according to Jane Gardner, of resource recovery specialists Axion Consulting, which manages the scheme.

“Recofloor’s straightforward, cost-effective and efficient collection system has diverted a total of 700 tonnes of waste vinyl flooring from landfill since it was launched in 2009,” says Jane. “This benefits the environment, reduces members’ waste disposal costs and recycles material back into products, such as new flooring.”

Calculations by Axion show by capturing and recycling 700 tonnes of smooth and safety flooring vinyl – in preference to using virgin material in new products - Recofloor has produced a net reduction of 0.56 million kilos of CO2 emissions. This equates to driving an average family petrol car 1.6 million miles (nearly 67 times round the equator) or taking 138 cars off the road for a year.

Jane continues: “Because Recofloor is flexibly tailored to engage each supply chain sector – from small ‘one-man bands’ to large flooring contractors – this enables recycling of smaller volumes of material that would otherwise be landfilled

She adds: “We have increased the number of drop-off sites and collection points around the UK and some members tell us they have reduced their skip sizes as a result of the scheme’s regular waste vinyl flooring collections.”

Recofloor’s website ‘cost calculator’ is a popular feature with members who can calculate their cost-savings by recycling vinyl flooring waste, as opposed to landfilling it. Collectors also gain green credentials which helps them win more business.

Recycling champions will also be recognised in the scheme’s second Annual Awards event to be held at The Building Research Establishment Innovation Park (BRE), Watford on April 18th. New categories have been added to reward those collectors who have made significant contributions in 2011 and include Contractor, Distributor and Construction Company of the Year, Greatest Improver, Best Newcomer and Recofloor Champion.

For more information on Recofloor, contact 0161 355 7618 or email


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