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Game on to cut carbon footprint

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Game on to cut carbon footprint


Published by Diana Maccarthy for Frank Haslam Milan in Housing and also in Local Government

Vicki Jackson from FHM and resident Lore Brown Vicki Jackson from FHM and resident Lore Brown

Residents at a sheltered scheme in Gedling have become carbon saving savvy – thanks to an energy saving game created by a construction company.

Regeneration specialist Frank Haslam Milan (FHM) is working in the borough with housing association Gedling Homes and was keen to help encourage customers to become eco-minded.

Residents at Gedling Homes’ sheltered scheme Ernehale Court, in Cross Street, played the game which gives real tips on how residents can use less energy and save more money.

Residents divided into teams of four to play the game and used ‘green money’ to bet how much various energy saving products could save them.

Eco measures and the average savings they could result in were highlighted to encourage residents to reduce their carbon footprint. They include:


  • Using energy saving light bulbs, which last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs, and over the lifetime of the bulb could save £70 in energy, an average of £40 per year.
  • Lowering the heat, turning down your thermostat by 1ºC can reduce bills by as much as 10% and typically save £50 a year.
  • Switching off lights when you leave a room, which can save on average £10 a year.
  • Switching appliances off instead of putting them on standby, which saves on average £30 a year.

 The game concluded that a series of small steps that can be taken to reduce energy use can save on average a total of £130 every year.

Mark Rodda, Head of Sustainability at Frank Haslam Milan, said: “It has been shown that behavioural change alone can reduce energy bills by as much as 10%. Through this innovative game, addressing behavioural change, combined with the energy efficiency work we carry out in thousands of homes across the country every year, FHM is helping residents further reduce their bills and their carbon footprint.”

FHM is carrying out an £18 million programme of kitchen and bathroom replacements on behalf of Gedling Homes.

Jason Cannon, Head of Investment and Responsive Maintenance at Gedling Homes, added: “We are delighted to see our customers taking part in the game, which is a creative way of getting people to think about reducing their carbon footprint to help reduce their fuel bills.”

FHM’s Resident Liaison Officers have recently become Energy Saving Trust endorsed advisors and are bringing eco tips to lots of homes across the Gedling borough.


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