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Construction company first for Energy Saving Trust endorsement

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Construction company first for Energy Saving Trust endorsement


Published by Kelly Elliott for Frank Haslam Milan in Housing and also in Communities

The group of Frank Haslam Milan employees, who were recently endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. The group of Frank Haslam Milan employees, who were recently endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

Staff at a North East construction company have become the first within the industry to have their energy efficiency advice endorsed by a national energy saving organisation.

Employees at Frank Haslam Milan (FHM) North East recently spent time with experts from the Energy Saving Trust, during which they were assessed and awarded the endorsement.

This means the energy saving advice they now give to their customers, including housing association tenants, is to a standard set by the Trust.

As well as helping tenants save energy and money in their homes, the FHM staff are also endorsed to give advice about renewable technology, including explaining how new technology such as solar panels work.

FHM Head of Sustainability Ray Sanderson said the endorsement was part of the company’s commitment to customer service and to the environment, which includes increasing energy efficiency across its operations.

He said: “Through experience we realise that it is not always enough to install energy saving equipment in a home and expect immediate energy, carbon and financial savings.

“It is important that we ensure residents understand the best way to operate any equipment and the importance of not wasting energy.

“With the introduction of the Governments flagship environmental policy Green Deal, next autumn, where financial savings must be realised by the resident for the scheme to be viable, being the first construction company in the country to achieve this endorsement from such an influential organisation as the Energy Saving Trust helps place us ahead of the game.”

Staff from FHM’s North East office, in South Tyneside, were joined by employees from the company’s Yorkshire and West Midlands branches for the endorsement process, which consisted of a written assessment to test their knowledge and a practical assessment to test their advice giving skills.

Many of those taking part work as Resident Liaison Officers (RLOs), a job which involves working closely with tenants living in properties owned by FHM’s clients – mostly housing associations and registered social landlords.

Having been assessed by one of the Energy Saving Trust’s Service Quality Assessors, FHM is now fully endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, meaning tenants can be sure the advice they are given is correct and up-to-date.

Employees said they now felt confident advising tenants and were looking forward to putting their new-found knowledge to good use.

Lead RLO Gill Sweeney said: “Our job is all about making sure tenants get the most out of their properties. Saving energy not only benefits the environment but also allows tenants to save money, which at the moment is especially welcome.”

The Energy Saving Trust is an impartial organisation which helps people save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This is achieved by providing advice, supporting people to make changes, helping local authorities and communities to save energy and providing quality assurance for goods, services and installers.

The Trust’s Endorsed Advice Service is a UKAS accredited standard for best practice energy saving advice.

Jessica Forster, of the Energy Saving Trust, said: “We have been running the Endorsed Advice Service for about a year and it is proving popular.

“The idea is to endorse the advice given by companies to their customers to ensure that it meets Energy Saving Trust advice standards.

“The Energy Saving Trust has developed its advice standards based on 18 years of giving impartial advice to customers on saving energy - small changes in behaviour can result in big differences when it comes to saving energy in the home.

“FHM are the first construction company to be endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and we hope many others will follow their lead.”



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