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Leca Insulation Fill Does 10 Days Work In An Hour

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Leca Insulation Fill Does 10 Days Work In An Hour


Published by Jackie Biggin for Weber in Housing

Leca Insulation Fill Does 10 Days Work In An Hour Leca Insulation Fill Does 10 Days Work In An Hour

The renovation of properties being carried out by housing association Helena Partnerships in St Helens, Merseyside, has required substantial voids below the floors to be filled. Traditionally this would take several people several days to haul and compact traditional hardcore and sand into place. By using Leca Insulation Fill, which in this project has been blown loose into position through a flexible pipe, the void in one property has been filled in just one hour by three staff members.

The renovation of the property in Haydock, St Helens – which was built in the 1930s - has 80-year old timber floors and joists which were made of untreated timber and over time had rotted. There was a void below the floor over 1.5 metres deep. This had to be filled and capped with concrete to form the new, stable and damp proofed flooring to the property. Helena’s in-house maintenance team, Helena Propertycare, cut away and removed the old timbers and having previously used for similar renovations, chose this simple and efficient method again.

“It would take five team members two days to barrow hardcore into place on this job but we got the void filled in just an hour by blowing the Leca Insulation Fill into place. It’s as simple as moving the delivery hose around and tamping the Leca Insulation Fill down to fill the void and create a stable base for the floor capping,” said Mark Foster, Site Supervisor for Helena Propertycare.

Leca Insulation Fill is a totally natural product. It is lightweight expanded clay formed by heating and firing natural glacial clay in a rotary kiln at temperatures up to 1150oC. This process transforms the clay into lightweight ceramic granules which have a hard ceramic shell and porous core. The material is extremely light with a bulk density of just 0.3 tonnes per cubic metre. Leca Insulation Fill has excellent insulation properties, is free draining, fire resistant, frost resistant and chemically inert with no hazardous properties. Used as a lightweight aggregate fill in many civil engineering applications, Leca Insulation Fill reduces the weight on weak substrates and against retaining structures it can reduce the weight loading by 75% over traditional fill. Leca Insulation Fill eliminates expensive settlement delays, is easily handled and quickly installed. It is particularly valuable in stabilising slopes where the ceramic granules bind together and fix the terrain for safety.

The material was brought to site in a single load on a specially adapted truck with blower system which pneumatically delivers the fill.  One person controls the flow from the delivery pipe and another rakes the Leca Insulation Fill into position.  The loose aggregate is poured in 400mm deep layers and a vibrating plate compactor is run over the infill to firm it into position.  In just 60 minutes the Leca Insulation Fill has filled the void eliminating the need for hardcore, sand blinding and insulating board.

The Helena property required 16 cubic metres of Leca Insulation Fill to be placed up to 1.5 metres deep to fill the void. The ease of handling the material meant that many hours of expensive labour time were saved, enabling the property to be ready for new tenants in a much shorter time than using traditional and difficult-to-handle fill materials.

More information about innovative Leca Insulation Fill material is available on 08703 330070 or visit

To find out more about Helena Propertycare, visit



Helena Partnerships is a not for profit registered social landlord (RSL) which was formed in 2002 when it took on the ownership and management of 14,500 St Helens Council homes following a ballot of tenants. It is the biggest landlord in St Helens in Merseyside.

Helena Propertycare is part of Helena Partnerships and provides a first-class repairs and maintenance service, including gas servicing, cyclical and responsive repairs for Helena properties and other customers across the North West.


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