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weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation System “Best Overall Value For Money” For Shropshire Housing Group

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weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation System “Best Overall Value For Money” For Shropshire Housing Group


Published by Jackie Biggin for Weber in Housing

Phenolic boards mechanically applied to structural ply backing panels Phenolic boards mechanically applied to structural ply backing panels

The weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation (EWI) and render system has been selected for a major property upgrade programme by the Shropshire Housing Group after a careful assessment process where four alternative systems were considered by Shropshire Housing Group officers and members of their independent tenant groups.


The overall package of product, finish and delivery presented by Weber secured the specification. Weber has a production facility in the region at Telford and the selectors were mindful of local employment support and short delivery lines, in addition to assessing the offer against the 60% price and 40% process standards used by the Housing Association.


Shropshire Housing Group comprises Meres and Mosses Housing Association and South Shropshire Housing Association who own and manage a housing stock of more than 4,400 homes.  Properties constructed using two specific types of construction techniques – namely Spooner and Reema - are included in the property portfolio and have been earmarked for thermal renovation under the Group’s Affordable Warmth Scheme. The Meres and Mosses Housing Association estate includes 150 Spooner timber frame properties built in the 1960’s as a fast-build process. Limited insulation was common-place at that time and is now far below desirable standards.


The weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation system was selected for this major renovation programme to bring thermal efficiency up to date and to dramatically change the visual aesthetics of the properties. The Joyner Group, specialist contractors for EWI and refurbishment work, of Risca, Gwent, is carrying out the weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation installation, stripping off the hanging tile and wavy edge boarded sections, and fitting structural ply backing panels prior to fixing 60mm phenolic insulation boards with render finish. The weber.therm M1 one-coat mineral render has a scraped finish and residents have selected a choice of four bright pastel shades for the attractive finish. This through-colour, thick mineral render reinforced with meshcloth, significantly reduces application time and is ideal for durability and low maintenance. The overall result, is a dramatically changed visual scene on the estate. Residents are already enthusing about the new sense of community and taking pride in the location.


weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation has achieved a BBA Certificate for all major insulation types and has a highly-rated fire performance due to its substantial cementitious render finish.  As well as a scraped appearance, it is also available in spray texture or dry dash aggregate finishes.


Bernard Quinn, Investment Manager for Shropshire Housing Group, is enthusiastic about the results achieved so far: “150 properties have had weber.therm XP External Wall Insulation installed already and we are just starting work on the first ten steel frame Spooner properties at Bishop’s Castle in South Shropshire. We are aiming to achieve U-values of 0.35 W/m2K which would be a dramatic improvement for these buildings. The residents have been very complimentary about the applications and the results. When winter arrives we expect to see a useful reduction in electricity bills. We want to carry this programme right through our non-traditional housing stock when funds are available. We face the same challenges as other largely rural Associations, where CESP funding is not available and we must seek further CERT funds from a diminishing pool of resources to part fund the work. We have real fuel poverty in these rural areas and with rising costs residents are having a tough time.”


The main objective of the massive investment being made by the Shropshire Homes Group to hundreds of their so called hard-to-heat homes is to dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of the buildings, thereby reducing fuel bills, cutting heat waste and emissions, and improving the comfort of residents.  An additional attribute of the greatly improved insulation is the enhanced acoustic value provided to the buildings and this has been illustrated by elderly residents wondering “where the kids have gone”! The reduction in internal acoustic noise transmitted from roads and leisure activity has obviously surprised and impressed the residents.


Further information about Weber EWI systems, case studies and product specification is available at, or telephone Weber on 01525 722170.


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